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Rajat Dhameja
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Time travel is how I would describe the new Dubai versus Dubai in the early 80s. The pace of growth in infrastructure, population, shopping, dining, entertainment and business is second to none. Dubai in 2018 is a juxtaposition of the relatively older emirate I grew up in with the new modern metropolis. Several cab drivers have asked me if I were on a visit. To that I responded by explaining that I was visiting and I had lived in Dubai for 13 years at one time. They could not process the decades long duration, the era gone by, since majority of them were not even born in ’80s. My Dubai exploration began with the curiosity of a child together with a comfort level deep rooted in the ever so familiar culture, as if I had never left.

Having lived in Southern California for several years, I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon several outdoor malls, shopping and dining beach side developments and around and within residential communities and offices.

Rajat Dhameja
La Mer in JUMEIRAH 1 in Dubai
Rajat Dhameja La Mer Dubai
La Mer Dubai

Rajat Dhameja

    Sky high in Dubai

Among my favorite is La Mer in Jumeirah. La Mer is a beachfront development with stores, restaurants cafes, art installation, walkways, water features and entertainment activities. The theme seemed to be inspired from the retro era of Southern California or maybe even the 60s and 70s decades. Vibrant, colorful and eclectic are how several of La Mer’s design and development can be described.

Another outdoor concept in Dubai is BoxPark, an urban setting to shop and dine. BoxPark is all things modern, straight lines, shipping container inspired design and very well organized. From my observation, the BoxPark “pop-up-mall” concept and design could be inspired by the two BoxPark locations in Britain, Shoreditch and Croydon.

Among the biggest outdoor developments is The Beach located in Dubai Marina opposite the Jumeirah Beach Residences between Sheraton and Hilton hotels. The Beach comprises 70+ shopping and dining establishments, literally steps away from the beach.

There is a lot more I will share about the new and old Dubai in other articles. Without a doubt I look forward to visiting this amazing city where impossible is nothing.

Rajat Dhameja at shower buckets in La Mer in Dubai
Beach art shower buckets
Rajat Dhameja at Burj Khalifa
Sky high in Dubai
Rajat Dhameja Dubai Gold Souk
All that glitters is gold








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Rajat Dhameja
  1. Rajat Dhameja
Rajat Dhameja looking up to Palm trees and blue sky in Los Angeles
Palm Trees sky high in Los Angeles
Rajat Dhameja at Louis Vuitton store in Beverly Hills
Louis Vuitton Beverly Hills
Rajat Dhameja Bugatti Veyron
Bugatti Veyron Red Interior
Rajat Dhameja Manhattan Beach California Homes and Ocean
Manhattan Beach California


Rajat Dhameja
Hermosa Beach

Rajat Dhameja

Rajat Dhameja at Apotheosis of St Louis in Forest Park in Saint Louis Missouri
Apotheosis of St. Louis and Saint Louis Art Museum in Forest Park
Rajat Dhameja at St Louis World's Fair Pavilion
World’s Fair Pavilion in Forest Park in St. Louis, Missouri
Palm Trees in Los Angeles
Rajat Dhameja looking at Palm Trees in Los Angeles